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Luxueux domaine au coeur des cantons de l'est (#10459)


General information
  • Characteristics
    1. 20 persons maximum
    2. 10 bedrooms
    3. 0 single beds
    4. 10 double beds
    5. 10 queen beds
    6. 1 king bed
    7. 10 sofas
    8. 8 bathrooms
    1. Pets allowed
    2. Smokers not permitted
    3. Waterfront
    4. Spa
    5. Fireplace
    6. Internet access

Haven of peace and luxury in the middle of nowhere, the castle Deguire can serve as well as place of reception to put height the view to your guests (reception hall, bar, dancing room) that of place for an outdoor stay in family.
The magnificence of its main villa in fact a unique place in the region. His architect was inspired by reindeer's City hall in Brittany. The result is a magnificent villa in the classic style, but in the rustic and authentic charm.
Besides the villa, the square 900 000 meter site also includes a luxurious house and an immense wooden loft. There are beds to welcome up to 80 guests
Of the villa lowers a wooden main staircase which leads up to the lake where the fishing in gilded and in the bass is plentiful.
The lake is deprived, have access only the dinner guests, their guests, and sometimes some families of tortoises there. He also supplies the energy of the castle , with a geothermal system. Situated in the hills of the biggest producing region of wines of Quebec, a part of the villa is covered with vineyards and with fruit trees. The quiet charm of its landscape is bucolic, alone the noise of the gooses, the ducks and sometimes that of the coyotes, comes to disturb the silence
television with cable
washer and dryer
training room
internal swimming pool warm
billiard table
Living space 22 000 feet squares. This one it's $150 by night, per person and for the children it's free.
All our houses have access outside so:
Tennis court
big lake to make of the kayak
the fishing with very much fish
hunt in season
ski slope near
gone hiking in the wood
Surface ground 227 acres.

  • Inside
    1. Internet access
    2. Air conditioning
    3. Central vacuum cleaner
    4. Firewood
    5. Cable/Satellite
    6. Coffee maker
    7. Baby highchair
    8. Freezer
    9. Cooker
    10. Shower
    11. Electricity
    12. Steam iron
    13. Fireplace
    14. Toaster
    15. Dishwasher
    16. Washer
    17. DVD player
    18. Baby mattress
    19. Bedding
    20. Microwave oven
    21. Stove
    22. Refrigerator
    23. Sauna
    24. Dryer
    25. Spa
    26. Stereo system
    27. Babyfoot table
    28. Pool table
    29. Television
    30. Dishes and cutlery
  • Outside
    1. Fishing rod
    2. Canoe
    3. Snow removal
    4. Kayak
    5. Quay
    6. Spa
    7. Patio deck kit
    8. Life-saving jackets
  • Summer
    1. Badminton
    2. Canoeing
    3. Hunting
    4. Horseback riding
    5. Mountain climbing
    6. Water sliding
    7. Golf
    8. Karting
    9. Kayaking
    10. Fishing
    11. Private beach
    12. Hiking
    13. Tennis
    14. Biking
    15. Mountain biking
    16. Volleyball
  • Winter
    1. Horseback riding
    2. Tobogganing
    3. Hockey
    4. Snowmobiling
    5. Skating
    6. Ice fishing
    7. Snowboarding
    8. Snowshoeing
    9. Alpine skiing
    10. Cross-country skiing